Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Are SMS sent in our sender-id?
  • Platform available for maintaining student data by class, section
    * Schools - Nursery, LKg, UKg, Class 1 to Class X
    * Colleges - course & branch can be set by subscriber
  • Easy data migration to next academic year
  • Send SMS to Absent Students
  • Provision to mark students on Leave
  • Mark Attendance for the Day (typical school attendance)
  • Mark Attendance for each period
  • Generate Attendance reports (class, section)
  • Generate Attendance reports by subject
  • Reports: Attendance marked or not marked for a class
  • Graphical reports (attendance marked, present, absent etc.,)
  • Search SMS sent by phone number (to trace in case of complaints)
  • Change of mobile number (middle of academic year)
  • Send SMS to all Parents
  • Send SMS to only one or few selected student ( parent of the student )
  • Send SMS to students of Selected classes & Section only
    (one or many classes)
  • Send SMS to students travelling by one or few bus routes
  • Send SMS to all staff
  • Send SMS to selected staff
  • Send SMS from any location (outside of institute premises)
  • Standard Message templates available
  • Add our own message template & discard
  • Can all our staff access & send SMS

    Institute Admin has to create the user account and grant them rights to send SMS
  • Can Message be created by juniors, viewed, corrected and
    then sent by seniors.

    Admin has the right to set this feature for each user
  • Is a new Brand Band connection required?
    Existing internet connection
    will suffice
  • Can we access on Mobiles
  • Security?
    Standard passwords and session security is implemented.

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